What is Khul Ke?

Khul Ke is an Indian social networking app. The app is designed for people to network & to promote open discussions and healthy debates among its users.

How do I get on Khul Ke?

Download the Khul Ke app from the Google Play Store or the App Store or visit us at www.khulke.com.

How does the Khul Ke app work?

The Khul Ke app allows users to create and join communities based on their interests. Users can post their thoughts, ideas, and opinions on various topics and engage in discussions with other members of the community. The app also has features like private messaging, live streaming, and audio-visual calling.

Is the Khul Ke app safe to use?

The Khul Ke app has several safety features in place to ensure that users can express themselves without fear of harassment or abuse. The app has a reporting system in place to deal with any inappropriate behavior, and users can also block and report other users if they feel threatened or uncomfortable.

Who can use the Khul Ke app?

The Khul Ke app is available for anyone 12 years old or above, to download and use, but it is primarily targeted toward the Indian audience. The app focuses on topics that are relevant to Indian society.

Is the Khul Ke app free?

Yes, the Khul Ke app is free to download and use. There are no subscription fees or in-app purchases required to access its features.

Can I use the Khul Ke app anonymously?

Yes, the Khul Ke app allows users to create anonymous profiles if they prefer not to reveal their identity. However, the app does require users to verify their phone number during registration to prevent fake accounts and spam.

How does Khul Ke differ from other social networking apps?

Khul Ke differs from other social networking apps in that it focuses on promoting open discussions and meaningful conversations. The app is designed to encourage users to express their opinions and engage with others in a respectful and constructive manner by creating relevant content. Additionally, the app has features like audio chat rooms and live streaming that allow users to connect with others in real-time.


Account Creation and Verification:

1. How do I create a Khul Ke account, and what information is required?

To create an account on Khul Ke, kindly enter your mobile number or an email address. An OTP is sent to the given mobile number or email address for verification. Once you enter the OTP, your account is created.

2. Is account verification available for personal accounts?

Account verification can be done by submitting the Aadhar card, PAN Card, or any government approved document on support@khulke.com.

3. Why should I verify my account, and what are the benefits?

Verifying your account has many benefits. Here are a few of them:

1. Enhanced security

2. Trust and credibility

3. Access to special features

4. Prevents impersonation

5. Improved customer support

6. Community and networking


Posting and Content Creation:

Q. What types of media can I upload, and what are the file size limits?

You can add an image, video, document, and audio. The maximum file size for an image is 15MB, for video is 250 MB, for audio is 250 MB, and for document is 15 MB per post.


Engagement and Interactions:

Q. How do I like, comment, and share posts?

To like, comment, or share posts, click on the respective icons.

Q. Can I bookmark or save posts for later?

There is an option to save posts for later by clicking on the three dots that appear next to the respective post.

Q. Is there a feature to explore new content?

You can discover content using the search tab and explore topics of interest.

Q. How do notifications work, and can I customize them?

The user is notified about RoundTable discussions of the moderators' they follow. Notifications cannot be customized at present.

Security and Reporting:

Q. How does Khul Ke protect user accounts from hacking or unauthorized access?

To protect user accounts, Khul Ke provides token-based authentication. Further, all actions are encrypted, and an encoder is used for streaming.

Q. What steps should I take if I suspect my account has been compromised?

If you suspect that your account has been compromised, write an email to support@khulke.com.

Q. How can I report spam, harassment, or abusive content?

You will be able to report spam, harassment, or abusive content soon in the upcoming version.

Q. What is the process for reporting a user or post?

You will be able to report a user or a post soon in the upcoming version.

Q. How does Khul Ke handle hate speech, bullying, and other violations of community guidelines?

Khul Ke adheres to strict community guidelines. Posts that include hate speech, bullying, and other violations will be taken down at the earliest. The user will be informed through Yapp about the violation.


Data and Account Deletion:

Q. How can I download my data from Khul Ke?

At present, only the owner of the RoundTable can download the RoundTable. The users will be able to download the data in the upcoming version.

Q. What is the process for permanently deleting my account and data?

You can deactivate the account. Once the account is deactivated, the process to delete the data and the account takes 30 days.

Q. Can I temporarily deactivate my account?

Yes, you can deactivate the account temporarily. If the account is not activated in 30 days, it will be deleted.

Q. What happens to my content and messages if I delete my account?

In case you delete your account, your data will be erased completely.


Community Guidelines and Moderation:

Q. What are Khul Ke's community guidelines, and how can I adhere to them?

Khul Ke adheres to strict community guidelines. You can read them in detail here. We encourage every user on our platform to adhere to them and be respectful.



Q: What is RoundTable?

 RoundTable is a platform feature for the exchange of information in audio and video format, live. RoundTables are open for all Khul Ke users to start or attend.

Q: What are the different types of RoundTable?

 There are two types of RoundTables - Audio and Video & there are two types of privacy settings in RoundTable Private and Public 

Q: What is the difference between Audio and Video RoundTable?

All information exchange during the RoundTable is in audio and text messaging. Images and documents attached earlier by the owner will be visible for reference. For Video RoundTables, the video stream of the Moderator and Panelists will be displayed when the RoundTable is in progress. The exchange will be in audio-video and text. Images and documents attached by the owner will be available for reference. Wildcard panelist video will also be visible if they join.

Q: What are the privacy modes of RoundTable?

RoundTable offers 2 privacy modes that allow you to decide who can join your RoundTable: Public and Private. Public RoundTables are listed and anyone can join as an attendee. Private RoundTables are also listed, but attendees must request access to join. 

Q: Who are the participants in a RoundTable?

A: There are 4 types of participants in a RoundTable - Owner, Panelist, Moderator, and Audience.

Owner :

Organizer of the RoundTable who creates it.

Panelist :

Subject experts/thought-leaders who discuss the concerned topic.

Moderator :

Conducts the RoundTable, steers the conversation, and has additional privileges to add wildcard panelists from the attendees or star some messages to highlight them and more.

Audience :

An attendee can interact with chat, upload any picture, video or documents. Ask a question, pass comments and opinions, etc.

Q: What is a wildcard panelist?

A wildcard panelist is an attendee picked up from the audience based on interactions and participation in audience interaction.

Q: How do I set up a RoundTable?

To set up a RoundTable, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Home tab, Select RoundTable. 
  2. Click New. Select Audio/Video and click Continue.
  3. Enter the Title and Description> of the RoundTable.
  4. Schedule the Date and Time> for the RoundTable.
  5. Select the Privacy of the RoundTable.
  6. Introduce the Moderator and Panelists.
  7. Attach an image or document that relates to this RoundTable.
  8. Invite attendees.
  9. Review the RoundTable details and click Proceed.
Q: How do I attend a RoundTable?
 To attend a RoundTable on Khul Ke, go to the Home section and select the RoundTable tab. Click on the RoundTable to join. If it's a private RoundTable, you will need to request access to join.

 Q: What is Bol Khul Ke?

Bol Khul ke is a pedestal for public to raise their concerns about things around them. This is to provide them power to express what they’re feeling. 

Q: What is Khabar Khul Ke?

Khabar Khul Ke provides a platform to commoners as a local classified news platform. They can record short videos of up to 3 minutes and upload them. They can also trim the videos. 

Q: What is Soch Khul Ke?

Soch khul ke is a video platform in which verified professionals will be able to raise their concerns or provide their expertise on the trending topics. 

Q: What is Snip it?

 Snip it is a feature that allow users to create short-form videos set to Music or Audio. You can find the Snip it you've created on your profile page. Snip it can be up to 2 minutes 30 seconds long



What is TownHall?
TownHall is a social networking platform that allows users to connect with like-minded people, share their thoughts, and grow their network. It provides a space for creating posts that can boost engagement and spark discussions with others. With TownHall, users can easily connect with friends and new acquaintances, creating a space for meaningful conversations and networking opportunities.
What is the character limit for a TownHall post?

A post on TownHall can have up to 300 characters (with spaces).

Which image formats are supported by TownHall?

TownHall supports the following formats: PNG, JPEG, or JPG

Is there a limit to the number of images in a post?

4 images (15MB) for every post

What is the format for audio files in a post?

You can upload audio files in only one format: MP3

How many audio files can I upload in a post?

You can upload only 1 audio file with a maximum size of 250 MB and a maximum duration of 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

What is the format for video files in a post?

You can upload video files in only one format: MP4

How many video files can I upload in a post?

You can upload 1 video file per post with a maximum size of 250 MB and a maximum duration of 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

What about documents in a post?

You can attach documents that are in any of the following formats: MS WORD, Excel, PPT, or PDF. Up to 1 document can be attached in a post with a maximum size of 15 MB.

What type of posts I will see on TownHall?

The TownHall tab displays posts by everyone you follow on Khul Ke.

How do I view interactions on a post?

Just click on the post, and it will show the full interaction for the said post.

How to like a post?

If a post interests you, simply like the post. People who follow you will be able to see the posts you like.

How to dislike a post?

Click the Dislike icon if some post does not interest you. The icon changes color to Grey. The count of the number of times this post has been disliked is visible next to the icon. Note that the number is displayed only for posts originated by you.

How do I reply to a post?

Click on the Reply icon. It will allow you to reply in text, image, and audio formats. You can also attach documents in your reply. The people who follow you will be able to see your reply to a certain post.

How do I circulate a post?

Click the Circulate icon to re-post the message.

  • If you would like to acknowledge the originator of this post, click QUOTE.
  • If you do not like to acknowledge the originator of this post, click CIRCULATE.
  • To remove this post if you have already circulated it, click the Circulate icon and click UNCIRCULATE.

All your followers will be able to see the posts you circulate.

How do I share a post outside Khul Ke?

Click Share to share the details with other Khul Ke users

  • To send the link to this post, click COPY TO CLIPBOARD and paste it into other applications.
  • To share via other applications, click SHARE VIA and select the application and proceed.
How do I bookmark or save a post?

Click the three dots icon on the post and select Bookmark to refer to this post in the future. The posts bookmarked are visible from the Account->Saved panel.

How do I mute a conversation?

Click the three dots icon on the post and select Mute this conversation if you do not want it to appear in your TownHall timeline.

How do I mute a user?

Click the three dots icon on the post and select Mute <username> if you do not want these users' posts to appear in your TownHall without unfollowing or blocking that account.

How do I block a user?

Click the three dots icon on the post and select Block <username> if you do not want to receive any posts from this user in the future.

How do I report a post?

Click the three dots icon on the post and select Report a Post if you find this post offensive.

How do I delete a post?

Click the three dots icon on the post and select Delete. Select Yes to confirm the deletion. You can only delete posts created by you.

How do I see the analytics of a post?

Click the three dots icon on the post and select Analytics. A detailed statistical view of this post is displayed.

How do I find other users and their posts on Khul Ke?

Just click the search icon and type in the topics or phrases you're looking for posts. Or type in the name of the Khul Ke user you're trying to find.

How do I follow others on Khul Ke?

Go to the TownHall tab and click the search icon. Then scroll or enter the username that you would like to follow and then click on the follow button.

How do I unfollow a user on Khul Ke?

Click the Account tab on the homepage. Then click on the following section. It will show a list of people you're following. Then scroll to the user you would like to unfollow and click Unfollow.

How do I delete a post from TownHall?

You can delete a post that you would no longer like to appear in Khul Ke. You can only delete your posts. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click the TownHall tab.
  2. Navigate to the post that you would like to post.
  3. Click the three dots icon and select Delete.
  4. Confirm the deletion.


Direct Messaging and Yapp:

Q. How do I start a private conversation with another user?

Please DM the user to start a private conversation on Yapp.

Q. What are the features of group chats, and how can I create them?

You can create groups by selecting the members you want to add through search. Then, click on 'Create Klub' to complete the action. You can message, audio and video call on the group. You can click and share images, attach documents, share location, and send a voice note.

Q. Are voice and video calls end-to-end encrypted?

Yes, voice and video calls are end-to-end encrypted for the user.

Q. What happens if someone blocks me, or I block them?

Click the three dots icon on the post and select Block <username> if you do not want to receive any posts from the user.


Profile Customization:

Q. Can I customize my profile beyond adding a profile picture and bio?

Apart from adding profile picture and bio, you can add username, birthdate, and interests to your profile.

Q. What are profile badges, and how can I earn them?

A user receives a badge depending on the activities he or she performs on the platform or application. The badges are divided into categories depending on the activities or interactions a particular user performs.

Q. How can I add a link to my website?

You can add the website link while creating your profile on Khul Ke app. You can also edit your profile to update your website link and click 'Save'.

Q. Are there restrictions on changing my profile name or username?

There are no restrictions on changing the profile name or username.